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Rebecca is a young lady from the planet Blue Garden who goes to various planets to record recordings for her and her accomplice Happy's online B-Cube account, Aoneko Channel, with the objective of getting one million endorsers. In spite of the fact that Edens Zero is a dream, it parts from Mashima's different stories by being the special case that happens in space. He's dynamic on Twitter, wrenches out additional character illustrations each couple of days, incidentally makes his own fan craftsmanship, and has composed a great deal of material. Clearly, Rebecca is their first visitor in 100 years.

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We have Clarisse Layer, an assistant for the Adventures Guild who is pleasant towards everybody; the strange space privateer chasing Shiki called Elise Crimson; and Rebecca's B-Cube match Labilia Christy, who is very haughty. We believe this is the greatest place to read Eden's Zero 9 raw chapter to your heart's content! There's scarcely any remarkable term or power that emerging up until now.